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Quality management commitment

We aim to become the most flexible Acrylics Polymer Manufaturing operation in Europe, delevering competitive high quality, innovative products in a customer focused way with total regard for responsible care. The site quality policy, systems and objectives are fundamental to the achievement of that vision and to maintaining our customers’ confidence in our business and products. The site management team has the responsibility to communicatie and implement the quality policy, systms and objectives. The quality policy is to be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains in line with our strategic business objectives and employee values.

Lucite International Holland is BSI (ISO 9001:2008) certified.

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Safety, health and environment (SHE)
“Lucite International is committed to improving the SHE performance of our business to be among the best in the World. This commitment stems from the belief that minimising harm to people and the environment is the only acceptable way to treat our most valuable resources and is essential to the long-term viability of the business.” (Lucite International Board of Directors).

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