Case study PMMA for Co-extrusion

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Enhance your coextruded sheet properties with Lucite® Elvakon® PMMA coating solution.

Polymer: Lucite® Elvakon® PMMA compounds
Application: Coextruded sheet and profile – for coating of substrates ABS, PVC, HiPS
Processing: Coextrusion / Coatings

Key Benefits:
– Outstanding weatherability
– Aesthetic control
– High impact resistance
– Rheology match to substrate
– Colour matched
– Responsive technical support
The Challenge
Are you looking for a material to produce weatherable and high impact coextruded sheets offering a wide range of surface aesthetics and colours?

To cover your ABS, PVC and HiPS substrates, you need a cost effective and high value production solution that:
– Provides outstanding weatherability and colour/gloss retention
– Offers a huge range of gloss levels and surface finishes
– Maintains impact resistance of original sheet
– Is rheology matched to your choice of substrate
– Demonstrates excellent adhesion to substrate
– Is compatible for substrate reworking
– Is processable on existing equipment
– Get responsive technical support

The Solution: Tailor-Made PMMA coating grades from Lucite International
Combining a huge range of Lucite® Elvakon® PMMA coextrusion products with a responsive technical support, Lucite International helps you to produce weatherable extruded sheet, with a choice of surface finish, whilst maintaining the cost benefits via utilization of traditional non-weatherable substrates.

– Design durable UV and weather resistant sheets
– Control your surface aesthetic
– Create the PMMA with the properties you need
– Get responsive technical support

Design durable UV and weather resistant sheets
Lucite® Elvakon® possesses outstanding weathering performance and colour retention which provides protection for non-weatherable substrates.
Dramatically improve your UV resistance and weathering with Lucite® Elvakon® PMMA

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Figure 2: Surface effect available in standard Elvakon® PMMA grades.

Control your surface aesthetic
Lucite PMMA products for coextrusion provide a huge range of surface finishes and gloss values – including high gloss, frosted and smooth silk/satin surfaces. Select from an existing range of effects or benefit from a Lucite International bespoke solution which provides the surface effect you are looking for.

Create the PMMA with the properties you need
On top of surface finish choices, Lucite® Elvakon® products demonstrate a wide range of impact strengths, rheology profiles, colours and substrate suitability. Grades can be tailor-made to suit your most demanding application requirements, so dial-in your property requirements.

Get responsive technical support
Save time in solving your technical issues with the accessible and responsive technical support of Lucite. Technical experts are  ready to answer all your technical problems or questions quickly to accelerate your time-to-market:
– Faster product approval to reduce your time- to-market
– Quick response from Technical Service for product range and processing advice
– Local representation