Case study high optical purity PMMA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Shorten your time- to- market with high optical purity PMMA beads for Medical Diagnostic Devices.

Polymer: Diakon® PMMA beads
Application: medical diagnostic device cuvettes (optical applications: optical lenses, lighting diffusers/LED collimators)
Processing: Injection moulding

Key Benefits of PMMA beads vs. granular:
– Extreme optical purity
– High UV transparency
– Ultra-low contamination
– Excellent melt flow for thin or intricate mouldings
– Responsive technical support

The Challenge
Do you need  strong and efficient technical support to rapidly develop new PMMA medical diagnostic devices?
Do you have demanding requirements for PMMA such as high optical purity, low contamination level or even specific rheology profile?

The Solution
Combining a unique PMMA bead grade with a responsive technical support, Lucite International helps you reduce your time- to- market and design highly performing optical parts for medical diagnostic applications.

Increase the optical purity for a maximum light transmission: +0.5% vs. granular (Fig. 1) Utilizing an enclosed suspension polymerization process, Lucite synthetizes ultra-pure PMMA beads leading to high optical purity compared to granular grades (see Fig.1).

High UV transparency: Transparency in the UV region is a key requirement for medical diagnostic devices such as cuvettes. The influence of the container on the absorption measured is as low as possible with Diakon PMMA beads (see Fig 2).

case study pmma plaatje

Fig. 1: +0.5% on light transmission for PMMA beads vs. granular.

case study pmma plaatje 2

Fig. 2:PMMA beads show maximum transparency across a broad range of the UV spectrum.

Reduce your contamination level for demanding medical applications
The enclosed suspension polymerization process leads to a very low contamination level of Diakon® beads – allows optimal production of cuvettes which do not interfere with the instrument measurement process.

A range of available grades allows selection of a particular melt flow, in addition to the  option of specific tailor-made viscosity grades – developed to fit your requirement.

Benefit from a responsive technical support with Lucite International:
– Faster product approval to reduce your time to market
– Solve rapidly your technical production line issues
– Local representation