LUCITE® ELVAKON® Ultra Low Gloss for Co extrusion

LUCITE® ELVAKON® Ultra Low Gloss for  Co extrusion

– Bringing Beauty to the Surface.


The feel, the look, the ability to provide a material that is specified by emotion, to suit its environment. How do you define a material not just from a gloss measurement but also textural simplicity?

Be it indoor living, furniture, outdoor fencing and flooring, or roofing applications, Lucite International have a willingness and technical ability to provide high performance, bespoke acrylic polymer grades for our customers.

We are proud to offer a range of Lucite Elvakon Ultra Low Gloss grades inspired by the simple beauty of nature. Providing you with a diversty of surface finishes for your co extrusion applications onto ABS, PVC or HIPS substrates.

You will achieve the finish of your choice, whilst still maintaining the recognised Lucite® Elvakon® properties of maintaining gloss post thermoforming, high impact performance, scratch resistance, UV and weathering resistance for your co extrusion application needs. So creating extra value and potential for new application areas.

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