Acrypet® and Diakon® for Automotive Interior trim

Customize the aesthetics of your automotive interior trim using PMMA
Interior and exterior trims, panels and special lighting design are all moulded parts which participate in creating an atmosphere and an identity to a car. Providing luxury and a modern-look to automotive trims requires materials that can fit your specific requirements.

How can Lucite International Holland B.V. acrylics help you design modern automotive trims?
As an OEM or a designer, your requirements are mainly based on aesthetics (specific colors, effects and textured surfaces) as well as on processing, production, and performance optimization, to design resistant and durable trims.

With a tailor-made approach, Lucite International modifies standard acrylic grades to:
– Provide you with the right final aspect and colour you are looking for in your acrylic trim
– Optimize the performance and processing characteristics of the acrylic plastic you use to fit your equipment and requirements

What are the benefits of custom acrylic PMMA?
Obtain the exact aesthetics you are looking for in your automotive trims. Lucite International develops custom aesthetic grades to make sure that you reach the specific colour/effect and surface texture you want.

Benefits of customized PMMA:
– Deep colours, customized
– High gloss or matt finish
– Scratch resistance
– Impact resistance
– UV resistance

Design resistant and durable automotive interior trim. Lucite® Diakon® grades are scratch, impact and UV resistant to extend the lifetime of your decorative part. The balance of these properties can also be optimized to fit specific requirements related to the conditions of use of the acrylic trim.

Want to develop automotive trims with specific aesthetics or performance? Get in contact with Lucite International Holland B.V.