Acrypet® and Diakon® PMMA for Automotive lighting

Acrypet® and Diakon® PMMA responding to changing design demands
Evolving from purely functional lighting requirements, the design and ever increasing complexity of headlight and taillights parts are now dictated by the type of LED light sources available to designers. LED allows higher design flexibility thanks to the use of acrylic materials which are now compatible with the low temperatures of the light source. This allows designers the ability to provide unmistakable design features and brand recognition for the automotive manufacturers. 

How can Lucite International Holland B.V. acrylic materials help you design automotive LED lights?
As an OEM or a designer, you are looking for cost-effective and resistant materials which enable you to obtain a wide range of light effects and design flexibility for your lighting needs.

Thanks to a tailor-made approach for PMMA polymers, Lucite International is able to:
– Provide you with the highest light transmission possible thanks to optical grades
– Select your lighting effect from their broad standard portfolio and customize grades
– Enhance the impact and scratch resistance of the acrylic material if you need higher performance

What are the benefits of Acrypet® and Diakon®?

Proven grades for tail lights and indicator lamp applications – Acrypet® VH and VHM are the PMMA products of choice.

Proven grade for headlight inner lens applications – Acrypet® VHS is the PMMA product of choice.

Access a variety of lighting effects which only depends on your creativity. Lucite International is able to rapidly develop custom grades of standard acrylic materials.

Achieve high light transmission >92%, higher than polycarbonate and Granular PMMA, thanks to the polymerization process which leads to ultra-pure acrylic material.

Design UV and weather resistant lighting, Lucite International PMMA provides you with excellent colour stability (non-yellowing) and anti-ageing durability compared to other transparent polymers.

Optimized for automotive LED lighting, the acrylic grades are impact modified and scratch resistant to prevent damage from pebble projection and small impacts.

Benefits of customized PMMA:
– Wide range of lighting effects
– High light transmission
– Impact resistance
– Scratch resistance
– UV resistance, non-yellowing

Need specific light effects for your automotive LED light? Get personalized advice from Lucite International Holland B.V. here.