PMMA for Co-Extrusion

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Acrylic coating: protect and customize your sensitive substrates with PMMA
Custom acrylic coatings are an efficient way to obtain your desired protection level against outdoor conditions, impact, scratch and UV, while being sure to get the exact aesthetics you are looking for your end-products. Lucite International is specialized in custom acrylic grades for an efficient substrate protection and personalized final aesthetic.

How can Lucite International acrylic materials help you design protective acrylic coatings?
More than just standard PMMA grades, Lucite International offers you a complete tailor-made approach.

As aesthetics and efficient protection are your main requirements, a standard acrylic grade can be modified to provide you with a specific grade that fits your toughest needs:
– Match the colour and texture effect you want to provide to your substrate
– Optimize the impact, scratch and UV resistance balance to fit your end-use conditions

What are the benefits of custom acrylic PMMA?

Obtain the appearance you need for your substrate. Lucite International rapidly develops custom colours and texture effects for your acrylic grade. If you need a slate-like look for your acrylic roof coating, metalized effect or clear protective PMMA coating, Lucite International is your partner of choice

Optimize your acrylic coating to your processing. You can access to a broad portfolio of melt flow and also custom viscosity acrylic grades.

Achieve the best balance adapted to your end-use conditions. The acrylic grades are impact modified and scratch resistant to provide a durable mechanical resistance. The excellent UV resistance will prevent your parts from yellowing over time.

Benefits of customized PMMA:
– Custom colour and texture
– High gloss to satin matt finish
– Scratch resistance
– Impact resistance
– UV resistance

Do you need a specific aesthetic for your acrylic coating materials? Get in touch with Lucite International Holland B.V. for their acrylic coating grades.

For all your Lucite® TuCoat® coextrusion requirements in the U.S.A. please contact our authorised distributor, Jamplast. Please follow the link below

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