PMMA for Lighting

Design bright and highly diffusive acrylic lamps with customized light effects.
LED light sources enable high design flexibility thanks to the use of acrylic plastics compatible with low temperatures. But LED has raised a new challenge for lamps, luminaires and light covers. How to hide the LED light source while maintaining its luminous intensity and brightness?

How can Lucite International Holland B.V. help you design highly bright and diffusive acrylic lamps?
As a light designer or OEM, you need high diffusing  materials with a high light transmission. Nonetheless, design flexibility and custom light effects are extremely important as aesthetics is a critical decision factor for consumers.

With a tailor-made approach, Lucite International offers you:
– Highly diffusive acrylic frost grades exhibiting very good light transmission 
– Custom light effects and a broad portfolio of surface finishes 
– Optimized and custom properties available for small series

What are the benefits of custom frost grades?

Compose the exact light effect you want. You can choose your diffusive power from clear to frost, the tinted-colour and effects thanks to colour-correcting materials and select the surface finish from high gloss to satin matt texture.

Hide the light source without compromising on brightness. With Lucite® Diakon® Frost grades. These acrylic grades are specifically developed to provide you with very high diffusivity and a maximum light transmission.

Optimize the acrylic grade properties to fit your processing tools, especially for small series. Lucite International Holland B.V. offers you different melt flow grades and can also customize the material viscosity.

Benefits of customized PMMA:
– Customized light effects
– High light transmission
– High diffusing power
– Small series optimization
– Suitable for LED

Want to develop custom acrylic lamps using frost grades? Get personalized advice from our experts.