PMMA for Medical diagnostics

Benefit from medical PMMA grades for demanding optical diagnostic devices
Optical purity and transparency are key requirements for medical diagnostic devices. Lucite International developed optical acrylic grades suitable for demanding medical applications. Get the best-in- class optical quality for your medical PMMA devices thanks to Lucite® Diakon® beads.

How can Lucite International acrylic materials help you achieve high optical performance?
For your medical diagnostic devices, you need transparent materials exhibiting an excellent light transmission in visible and UV regions without altering the test sample in contact with these parts.

Thanks to optical acrylic grades and a tailor-made approach if necessary, Lucite International delivers you with the material adapted to your processing equipment with the best-in- class optical performance.

What are the benefits of Lucite® Diakon® optical acrylic grades?

Achieve high light transmission of 92.5%, better than polycarbonate or granular PMMA grades. Thanks to an enclosed suspension polymerization, benefit from highly pure acrylic material.

Design UV acrylic diagnostic devices thanks to an excellent UV transmission starting from 300nm, compared to 380nm of low UV absorber PMMA.

Keep the analyzed sample safe from contamination and do not alter the measurement. Thanks to the polymerization process, the acrylic beads have a very low contamination level.

Optimize your processing to your manufacturing equipment thanks to a wide portfolio of available melt flow and the possibility to customize the viscosity.

Benefits of customized PMMA:
– High purity and transmission
– Optimized processing performance.
– Low contamination level
– Bisphenol-A free
– Small-series development

Do you need excellent optical performance for your diagnostic devices? Get in touch with Lucite International Holland B.V. here.