PMMA for Cosmetic Packaging

Design custom cosmetic packaging and rigid acrylic packaging
Cosmetic and rigid packaging is a market where trends change rapidly and regularly. Colors, textures, effects, design and even safety (bisphenol-A) are crucial criteria in the customer’s decision process and require reactivity from the industry. However, this reactivity also depends on your raw material supplier.

How can Lucite International Holland B.V. acrylic materials help you design trendy, modern or luxury packaging?
To follow the evolution of the market trend, collaborating with a reactive acrylics provider is one of your main priorities as a packaging designer or OEM.
Lucite International does not only provide you with custom acrylic materials, but also with a complete package of services best suited for rigid and cosmetic packaging:

– Customize the color, gloss or satin finish and texture of the acrylic grades as you desire
– Get rapid development and reactive troubleshooting adapted for cyclic cosmetic and rigid packaging renewal
– Optimize the processing properties of the acrylic polymer to your existing equipment

What are the benefits of custom acrylic grades for packaging?

Get the exact aesthetic colors and finish you want for your packaging. Whether you need a deep blue satin for luxury cream or high gloss edge-colour, Lucite International is able to customize all the aesthetic parameters of their standard acrylic grades.

Follow the trend and innovate. Lucite International Holland B.V. rapidly customizes the colour and effects of their acrylic grades and optimizes the processing properties of the material to keep your productivity as its maximum.

Design resistant and safe rigid PMMA packaging. Acrylic packaging grades are impact resistant and bisphenol-A free and can be used in food containers or custom cosmetic packaging.

Benefits of customized PMMA:
– Fully customized aesthetic
– Impact resistance
– Optimized productivity
– Bisphenol-A free

Do you need rapid and custom acrylic development for your rigid packaging ? Contact Lucite International Holland B.V. here.