Colour, gloss and effect of Diakon® and Elvakon® PMMA

Compose your PMMA colour and effect, choosing from standard and custom grades
Architectural, trendy packaging or modern lighting applications, a well-chosen PMMA colour and effect is necessary to attract customers.

To answer your specific needs in terms of aesthetics and light diffusion, access to a broad PMMA colour, gloss and effect portfolio thanks to a fully customized solution:

Standard and customized colours
Choose your PMMA colour from 2000 archived colours or even customized grades to match the specific colour you need 

Special effects
Fluorescent, metallic, opal or pearlescent, add various special effects to support design originality and deliver  attractive surfaces. 

Opacity and diffusion
From crystal clear to frost, select your desired diffusion level with the right level of opacity.

Texture and gloss control
Design your surface finish from matt to high gloss and access a considerable portfolio of textures to provide product uniguess.