Impact resistance of Diakon® PMMA

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Get high impact PMMA with high optical quality and weatherability
With proprietary, state of the art impact modifier technology, Lucite® Diakon® and Elvakon® grades provide excellent impact performance for injection, extrusion and co-extrusion/coating.

Suitable for lighting, packaging and many other applications, toughened grades are available from medium to very high impact resistance, and still offer excellent optical performance, weatherability and colour possibilities characteristic of acrylic

Lucite® Diakon® toughened grades
The impact PMMA series offer the best combination of impact, chemical and heat resistance and provide rigidity and surface hardness. The grades in this series can be processed by injection moulding or extrusion. 

Lucite® Elvakon® co-extrusion grade
Specifically developed to provide high aesthetic control, outstanding weatherability and impact and scratch resistance, this series enables you to protect substrates with a durable protective coating.