Optical purity of Diakon PMMA

Maximum light transmission.
The efficiency of medical diagnostic devices and lighting mainly depends on the light transmission and purity of the material used.
Thanks to highly pure acrylic beads, Lucite International offers you the best in class quality for your optical PMMA applications.
Reduce the impact of your PMMA device on the light transmission to its minimum.

Thanks to Lucite International optical PMMA grades, benefit from a maximum light transmission in visible and UV regions compared to standard PMMA grades to: 

– Provide consistent and accurate measurements from your medical diagnostic devices
– Maintain the colour and light/lumen output of your lamp, even after many years of services

Extreme optical purity
Synthesized from an enclosed polymerization process, Lucite® Diakon® beads enable you to achieve extreme optical purity, which is ideal for medical diagnostic devices.

PMMA beads offer you an exceptional transmission level of 92.5%, an increase of +0.5% in light transmission vs. granular grades.