Performance optimization of Diakon® and Elvakon® PMMA

Optimize your PMMA properties to design cost-effective systems
Optimizing your production process to reduce your system cost is far from trivial. Lucite International provides you with a specific range of acrylic grades to optimize the balance of your PMMA properties and processing needs.
To fit your needs regarding your end application, Lucite International can develop specific acrylic grades optimized for your application uses and process.

Optimized rheology profile
All Lucite International PMMA coating grades have been carefully formulated and rheology matched to ensure ease of processing without the need to make costly alterations to your existing manufacturing equipment.
Benefit from tailor-made viscosity and a range of particular melt flow materials if needed. 

Cycle time reduction
To reduce your injection moulding cycle times and therefore provide you with production cost benefits, specific grades of Lucite® Diakon® Rapide have been developed.