Transparency of Diakon® PMMA


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Access to highly transparent PMMA as well as a broad range of frost effects:
Be creative with transparency and light diffusion to produce fascinating or smart-looking PMMA rigid packaging, light diffusors and automotive decorative interior parts.

Access to a broad portfolio of PMMA polymers, including crystal clear materials exhibiting high optical purity and frost grades which hide light sources and give a soft surface look.

Combine the diffusion power of opal variants with the transmission of clear PMMA or diffusivity of Frost grades.

High diffusing power
With higher diffusion levels compared to traditional opal pigmentation, Lucite® Diakon® Frost grades provide you with  excellent hiding of the filament and light source. 

Maximum light transmission
From strong frost to optical pure grades, maintain a maximum level of transmission of the light output with Lucite® Diakon® PMMA. 

Customized PMMA frost grades
Tailor-made frost grades can be created to match your particular light output, diffusivity level and design requirements.

Depending on the thickness, light source and proximity of the PMMA sheet or profile, Lucite International uses its frost technology to create a customized PMMA grade that offers transparency effects which are not achievable with traditional opal pigmentation.