UV resistance / weatherability of Diakon® and Elvakon® PMMA

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Design PMMA UV resistant coatings and outdoor lights
PMMA naturally exhibits high UV resistance and excellent weatherability. These properties allow you to protect sensitive substrates with PMMA UV resistant coatings or design weatherable street lamps and automotive lights.
Lucite International provides you with efficient UV resistant PMMA with specific grades for co-extrusion and coating or external acrylic applications exhibiting:

Excellent UV resistance
Used as a protective coating, Lucite® Elvakon® PMMA provides durable protection against degradation of properties due to UV from outdoor or artificial indoor lighting.
Other PMMA grades provide outstanding weatherability suitable for a diverse range of external and indoor applications.

Durable colour stability
Lucite® Elvakon® PMMA protects your substrates from yellowing and provides durable colour retention compared to capping systems made from other thermoplastic materials.

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