Technical requirements

To comply with the technical requirements of your products, Lucite International Holland offers you a wide portfolio of high quality PMMA grades and the possibility to customize products to match your specific needs.

Broad PMMA product range Lucite® Diakon®:
  • Ultra pure beads
  • Compound with additives to enhance performance

Tailor-made products and specific development focus:
  • optimized properties special effects and aesthetics

Processing optimization

Lucite International Holland provides you with specific services to optimize your production process.

Select or customize the properties of your PMMA:
  • Rheology modification
  • Faster cycle times
  • Processing aids

Benefits from technical advice on processing:
  • Support to select and develop the appropriate Lucite® Diakon® PMMA grade to fit your production and final part requirements.
  • Boost and optimize your production process

Supply flexibility

Benefit from flexible supply options including quantity, packaging and transport delivery.

Low minimum order quantity possible:
  • Small lot sizes available for trial and production
  • Applicable to a wide range of standard and development grades

Packaging flexibility:
  • Various options available to meet your storage and transport facility requirements

Delivery flexibility:
  • To meet your stock and timing requirements

Support responsiveness

Receive strong and responsive support from Lucite International Holland to find rapid solutions for all your technical, processing and supply requirements.

Easy and direct access to technical support:
  • Quick response time to handle urgent matters
  • Short lead time for development samples and urgent orders

Interested in Lucite International's tailor-made solutions? Contact our expert