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3D printing

In the fast-moving world of fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing, you want a material that can keep up with your design demands. Look at what PMMA can offer you: 

The key for you?

Need help?

Speak to our polymers team who are happy to help you with any questions about bespoke formulations, colour variations and much more. 

Whether you’re looking to produce 3D printing filaments or buy them for yourself, we can give you all the advice you need to help PMMA make your project a success. You can contact us here.

Our 3Diakon® PMMA filaments have been developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers, so you know you’re getting the best global advice and expertise when you get in touch.  

Plus, if you’re working with Ultimaker – the world’s leading provider of desktop 3D printing equipment – Diakon® PMMA is registered and fully compatible with their machines. 

Freeform injection moulding

Diakon® PMMA is fully approved and compatible with this exciting 3D printing technology, unlocking so many new possibilities for you.  

Freeform injection moulded PMMA parts can give you incredible levels of intricate detail which traditional injection moulding can’t match. It’s also ideally suited to small-scale production requirements and gives you great freedom for prototyping.  

Perhaps the most impressive thing this makes possible is micro injection moulding – meaning you can use PMMA to achieve microscopic detail for the most specialist needs. 

We’ve collaborated with Danish 3D printing pioneer, AddiFab, on freeform injection moulding.  

Need help?

Speak to our polymers team who are happy to help you with any questions about bespoke formulations, colour variations and much more. 

Lasse Staal
CEO, AddiFab

“When taking first steps into micro injection moulding, AddiFab chose Diakon® PMMA for the initial testing. The Diakon® range of materials combine excellent mouldability with high levels of transparency – the ideal combination for testing process capabilities.”

Our PMMA for 3D Printing

Imagine what a product perfected over more than 80 years could do to meet your needs.

Diakon® PMMA

With close links between R&D, innovation development and manufacturing, we can work with you to make Diakon® PMMA the right product for your projects.

TufCoat™ PMMA

If you’re looking for the benchmark in scratch and abrasion resistance for injection moulding, our new generation of acrylic polymer technology is here to help.

Diakon® Light Plus

If you’re considering light-diffusing PMMA for a lighting application, our new Diakon® Light Plus range is your answer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our manufacturing site for our PMMA ranges including Diakon is based in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, supported by our R+D Team who are based in the UK. Acrypet PMMA is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical in Asia.
Yes, as well as standard PMMA types we can offer you impact modified grades to meet your requirements.
Datasheets are readily available for all our material types and can be accessed by through our datasheet portal. New to Lucite? Request your password to access the portal
We have extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of food contact approved PMMA types in both impact modified and non impact modified types. 
We can supply MSDS to meet your requirements.

We have 80+ years of experiences. Feel free to ask: