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Our aim is to go further to deliver outstanding added value and performance

Our plant in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, manufactures standard and customized polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA Polymer) in a range of variants and colours. With 60 years heritage in the acrylics industry, Lucite International has a depth of application expertise which, coupled with our flexible assets, allows us to develop bespoke product solutions in partnership with our customers.

We have a philosophy of continuous improvement, which is embodied in our brand promise, ‘Going Further’. This promise is brought to life by every single one of Lucite International people living by our core values, which are:


Our company is single-minded in its determination to achieve excellence in all that we do

We set ourselves the highest standards across our values in the areas of Safety, Health, Environmental and cost performance, and in our research and development programs.

Our aim is to go further to deliver outstanding added value and performance for all our customers and stakeholders. Building on our strong heritage and now with the support of our owners, Mitsubishi Chemical Group, we will continue to lead with technology, innovation and fresh thinking.

Characteristic of Lucite International Holland is our focus on continuous improvements and our support to make the best quality for our customers. We do this with a team of talented and dedicated people, ready to serve our customers.

Lucite International Holland is a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical Group, the global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products. Our ICI and DuPont heritage is further strengthened by the knowledge and capability of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group.


Happy Customers

Lars Nakotte

"I would recommend Diakon® PMMA for the very good technical support you get. From early stages to very specific questions, we always got a very good, very quick response which is important in the development process."


Frequently Asked Questions

Our manufacturing site for our PMMA ranges including Diakon is based in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, supported by our R+D Team who are based in the UK. Acrypet PMMA is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Group in Asia.
Yes, as well as standard PMMA types we can offer you impact modified grades to meet your requirements.
Datasheets are readily available for all our material types and can be accessed by through our datasheet portal. New to Lucite? Request your password to access the portal
We have extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of food contact approved PMMA types in both impact modified and non impact modified types. 
We can supply MSDS to meet your requirements.

We have 80+ years of experiences. Feel free to ask:

Diakon® Light Plus

Helping you make the world lighter and brighter

If you’re considering light-diffusing PMMA for a lighting application, our new Diakon® Light Plus range is your answer. Smooth, even illumination across the surface hides even the most intense LED light sources behind it.

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