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Teeth made from PMMA

Unless you are closely involved with the dental sector, you may not know that acrylic polymers (PMMA or Poly Methyl Methacrylate) are essential in creating the very highest quality, lasting solutions for dental procedures. Statistics show that there are huge percentages of the population in Europe and the Americas with missing teeth and affected with oral disease. According to the WHO, (World Health Organization), around 30% of the population aged 65-74 has lost their natural teeth while 60-90% of school children worldwide have dental cavities. Add to these factors an increasing consumer awareness of oral health issues and a rapidly

Lucite International and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation increase the pace on a Circular Economy for PMMA with Agilyx Corporation

Lucite International (LI), together with Agilyx Corporation (Agilyx), is working to deliver a significant contribution to the Circular Economy for PMMA (initially in Europe) with the support of LI’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC). MCC’s vision is based on “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth” – a philosophy known as KAITEKI. Delivering a truly circular economy is a key part of achieving that. LI has been creating a value chain that: (i) Gives manufacturers of PMMA products the ability to have their products recovered and recycled back through MMA into PMMA at the end of

Representing Mitsubishi Chemical Europe in the Middle East with Saleem Khan

Saleem Khan, our Bahrain-based Sales Manager, has an evolving role representing other Mitsubishi Chemical Europe (MCE) businesses alongside his responsibility for our methacrylate customers in the Middle East and North Africa. On top of his main, methacrylates-based sales role, a significant percentage of Saleem’s time is now dedicated to working on behalf of Mitsubishi Polyester Film (MFE) and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM) – fellow group companies of MCE. Pictured: Saleem at K2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany. An overview of the new role With our well-established base and over 35 years of history in the Middle East/North Africa region, EMEA Monomers

Applications for Diakon®

Imagine what a product perfected over more than 80 years could do to meet your needs.
Futuristic corridor tunnel 3D


PMMA and light have gone hand-in-hand for decades. Whether it’s in the home, in your car or around town on streets and in buildings, PMMA is helping lighting everywhere as it becomes increasingly “smart” and connected.
office building

Building & Construction

In this industry, with your focus on product quality and consistency, a reliable materials partner is crucial. There’s one thing our experts will always tell you about finding the right materials – “don’t assume it’s not possible!”.
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Wherever you are, you’re never far from PMMA. In fact, it’s probably in an electrical appliance near you right now. Take white goods, for example. The function and look of control panels, windows, covers and other parts all rely on PMMA’s properties.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our manufacturing site for our PMMA ranges including Diakon is based in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, supported by our R+D Team who are based in the UK. Acrypet PMMA is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical in Asia.
Yes, as well as standard PMMA types we can offer you impact modified grades to meet your requirements.
Datasheets are readily available for all our material types and can be accessed by through our datasheet portal. New to Lucite? Request your password to access the portal
We have extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of food contact approved PMMA types in both impact modified and non impact modified types. 
We can supply MSDS to meet your requirements.

We have 60+ years of experiences. Feel free to ask:

Diakon® Light Plus

Helping you make the world lighter and brighter

If you’re considering light-diffusing PMMA for a lighting application, our new Diakon® Light Plus range is your answer. Smooth, even illumination across the surface hides even the most intense LED light sources behind it.

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