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Our Quality and SHE standards

We aim to become the most flexible Acrylics Polymer Manufaturing operation in Europe, delevering competitive high quality, innovative products in a customer focused way with total regard for responsible care. The site quality policy, systems and objectives are fundamental to the achievement of that vision and to maintaining our customers’ confidence in our business and products. The site management team has the responsibility to communicatie and implement the quality policy, systms and objectives. The quality policy is to be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains in line with our strategic business objectives and employee values.

Lucite International Holland is BSI (ISO 9001:2015) certified.

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

Our commitment

“Lucite International is committed to improving the SHE performance of our business to be among the best in the World. This commitment stems from the belief that minimising harm to people and the environment is the only acceptable way to treat our most valuable resources and is essential to the long-term viability of the business.”

Board of Directors

Our performance

Today, Lucite International’s safety performance ranks among the best in the chemical industry and is considerably better than that of other industrial, manufacturing sectors.

Our commitment to continuously improve safety performance has delivered excellent results and we are very proud of these. The heritage of our strong safety culture goes back many years with the most significant steps being made in the 1990s when ICI Acrylics merged its business with DuPont’s acrylics operation in the US. What followed was an intense period of cross learning, which resulted in the 21 Elements of SHE Excellence, a simple model of the things required to achieve world-class performance. We also devised a simple assessment tool for identifying improvement opportunities.

Our ongoing focus

Learning through shared experiences together with strong leadership based on the simple premise that eliminating injuries is the right thing to do have both been critical in our successes to date. Our structured improvement program helps us to concentrate on practices or inputs, rather than reacting to events. In summary, our focus is:

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Deliver high standards of individual behaviour at all times and wherever we operate around the world.

Our Approach

Lucite International is a successful global organisation and it is very important to me and my Board colleagues that we continue to develop that success in a sustainable way.


At Lucite International we are committed to the sustainable development of our business, which means that environmental, economic, social and cultural considerations are at the heart of our strategic planning process.

Responsible Care®

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s unique global initiative that drives continuous improvement in safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance.
Helping you make the world lighter and brighter.
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"I would recommend Diakon® PMMA for the very good technical support you get. From early stages to very specific questions, we always got a very good, very quick response which is important in the development process."

Lars Nakotte


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our manufacturing site for our PMMA ranges including Diakon is based in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, supported by our R+D Team who are based in the UK. Acrypet PMMA is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical in Asia.
Yes, as well as standard PMMA types we can offer you impact modified grades to meet your requirements.
Datasheets are readily available for all our material types and can be accessed by through our datasheet portal. New to Lucite? Request your password to access the portal
We have extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of food contact approved PMMA types in both impact modified and non impact modified types. 
We can supply MSDS to meet your requirements.

We have 80+ years of experiences. Feel free to ask:

Diakon® Light Plus

Helping you make the world lighter and brighter

If you’re considering light-diffusing PMMA for a lighting application, our new Diakon® Light Plus range is your answer. Smooth, even illumination across the surface hides even the most intense LED light sources behind it.

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