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The KAITEKI journey

To turn KAITEKI philosophy into positive action, we have developed our own unique KAITEKI Management System.

It has three different axes to help us drive progress: Management of Economics (MOE) to increase economic value by focusing on capital efficiency, Management of Technology (MOT) to foster innovation that leads to higher economic and social value, and Management of Sustainability (MOS) to enhance social value through improvements in sustainability.

We carry out our activities based on these three axes while keeping a constant watch on shifting trends and opportunities. The result of us applying the KAITEKI Management System in line with our KAITEKI philosophy is that we generate KAITEKI value. And it’s this value that benefits people, society and planet while also improving our own long-term sustainability.

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Management of Sustainability (MOS)

Management aiming to improve sustainability
Contributing to the resolution of environmental and social issues through corporate activities that consider the future of people, society and the Earth.

Management of Economics (MOE)

Management which focuses on capital efficiency
Pursuing profits by efficiently using various forms of capital, including human resources, assets and funds.

Management of Technology (MOT)

Management which strives to create innovations for society
Creating innovative products and services through the development of technology.


Sustainability and the environment - Nature in hand

KAITEKI Sustainability Management system

Reduction of Environmental impact

Measurement of impact along the life cycle

Promote a Circular Economy

KAITEKI Value for Tomorrow

Want to know more about KAITEKI and all of the exciting ways it’s making a positive difference across the world?

Take a look at our dedicated site to see how how changes big and small are benefitting the well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.

Deliver high standards of individual behaviour at all times and wherever we operate around the world.

Our Approach

Lucite International is a successful global organisation and it is very important to me and my Board colleagues that we continue to develop that success in a sustainable way.

Our Quality and SHE standards

We aim to become the most flexible Acrylics Polymer Manufaturing operation in Europe, delevering competitive high quality, innovative products in a customer focused way with total regard for responsible care.

Circular PMMA

We’re working hard to achieve the world’s first circular acrylic, in line with our KAITEKI philosophy where we focus on the sustainable wellbeing of people, society and our planet Earth.

Diakon® Light Plus

Helping you make the world lighter and brighter

If you’re considering light-diffusing PMMA for a lighting application, our new Diakon® Light Plus range is your answer. Smooth, even illumination across the surface hides even the most intense LED light sources behind it.

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